Climate Change, A Balanced View

Welcome to the GWYAF Blog, I am Sam Theodosopoulos, Editor-at-Large. The GWYAF Blog will be updated daily with conservative commentary relating to both George Washington University and general U.S. politics. We are happy to accept contributions from YAF members, College Republicans, and conservative students.

As a transfer student from one of the most liberal and “greenest “campuses in the country, the University of Vermont, I have witnessed first-hand the attempts to indoctrinate college students with the “crisis” of global warming. While climate change may or may not be a relevant problem, I actually happen to believe it is, that is not really the heart of the issue. Colleges across the country are making huge pushes to “go green” and GWU’s freshmen Dean of Students encouraged new students to read Tom Friedman’s “Hot Flat and Crowded,” a book subtitled, “Why We Need  a Green Revolution.”

While this may be an interesting read, students should also consider reading Chris Horner’s “Red Hot Lies,” in which he argues that Global Warming is a left-wing hoax. The point is that it should not be the goal of GWU to make its students environmental evangels; rather they should present both sides of the issue and let the students draw his/her own conclusions.

However, it seems like most other universities, GWU stifles debate on this issue; there is apparently no room for argument. Interestingly enough, this same sort of theme is popular at the Environmental Protection Agency.  Just this summer, as I documented in a blog at, the EPA silenced a report questioning the science behind global that was penned by a Senior Research Operations Analyst.
So next time Al Gore is telling you that the world is going to end, or a GWU Professor suggests you read Tom Friedman, ask yourself, “Do I know the other side of the issue?”

By: Sam Theo


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