A Vast Community Service Conspiracy

In light of Michelle Obama’s recent offer to GW students (http://blogs.gwhatchet.com/newsroom/2009/09/11/first-lady-offers-service-challenge-may-be-commencement-speaker/), I believe I speak for all conservatives at GW University when I say that I have a request; decline Michelle Obama’s offer to speak at commencement, or please don’t count our service hours toward the 100,000 hour goal she has established.  

Now this is not to say that we do not promote community service or want to see GW as a school have a low amount of community service hours. On the contrary, we encourage community service but do not want it politicized and we believe it should be done for the sake of itself, not to promote any other end.

This is a very presumptuous action by GW and assumes that the entire GW community would support Michelle Obama as our commencement speaker.  I assure you this is not the case.  On the contrary, I believe some may want thier hours not going towards this end and perhaps deducted from the total of the first Lady’s target hours.

Therefore GW, as an active member in the community, a Conservative and a patriot, please don’t push your agenda upon us conservatives by politicizing community service and forcing Michelle Obama upon my campus.


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