Please Some Diversity of Opinion!

As reported in today’s The Hatchet, Washington Post columnist Steve Pearlstein gave a lecture on global economic issues at the Elliot School of International Affairs Friday afternoon. Before his time at the Post, he was the founding publisher and editor of The Boston Observer, a monthly journal of liberal opinion. During the late 1970s, he served as administrative assistant to U.S. Senator John A. Durkin and U.S. Representative Michael J. Harrington, both liberal Democrats.

A big proponent of the bailout and TARP, Pearlstein is an economic liberal. Two weeks ago we were told the Democratic First Lady will be the commencement speaker, last week Michael Moore came to speak on capitalism, now a liberal journalist just came to speak on economics. Where is the diversity of opinion? Why isn’t GW bringing intellectual conservatives to add to the other side of the respective debates?

There is nothing wrong with bringing accomplished liberals to speak at campus, but please bring conservatives as well.

Sam K. Theodosopoulos is the Editor-at-Large of the GWYAF Blog.


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