Free Speech!

In the October 8, 2009 issue of The Hatchet, the editors along with the editorial board of numerous other college newspaper publications criticize the Los Angeles City College President Jamillah Moore for hindering “students’ rights to a free press.” The editorial piece reminds us that “an attack on free speech anywhere is an attack on free speech everywhere.”

The George Washington University Young Americas Foundation solidly stands behind this principle and with The Hatchet on the importance of free speech. GW YAF commends The Hatchet for running YAF President and YAF Director of Press Travis Korson and Joe Naron’s Op-Ed that set the record straight about YAF’s stance on Michelle Obama as the commencement speaker. GWYAF would like to take this opportunity to remind editorial boards campus wide that free speech means objective reporting and examination of a story. Truly free speech also call for news outlets to publish opinions on both side of an issue, even if it is contrary to the political leanings of the editorial board. We hope The Hatchet continue to recognize the conservative voice at GW in the editorial pages of the newspaper.

Sam K. Theodosopoulos is the Editor-at-Large of the GW YAF Blog.


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