Heritage’s Bill Beach on How to (Really) Stimulate the Economy

We would like to thank all who made it out to last week’s event, “How to (Really) Stimulate the Economy hosted by The Heritage Foundation’s Bill Beach, Director of the Center for Data Analysis.

We had a great turnout and got the chance to listen to an important lecture on government’s role on how to stimulate the economy.

The economic of policies of the Obama administration pose major problems for future growth as they will stifle innovation and enormously add to our national debt.

“There is an ideological war currently underway in Washington, Mr. Beach told us, and out “generation will have to live with the consequences.” Currently, our debt is larger than the entire economy of India, and as Mr. Beech explained to us in detail, this is certainly no time to be adding a major entitlement obligation.

Thanks again to all who came out, we hoped you enjoyed the dinner and the lecture!

Sam Theodosopoulos is the Editor-at-Large of the George Washington University Young Americas Foundation Blog.


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