The Climate Change Indoctrination Continues

Once again, The George Washington University is guilty of indoctrinating their students about the climate change “crisis.”

GW Today reports:

“On Dec. 4, a panel of University administrators discussed the ways Thomas Friedman’s book Hot, Flat and Crowded, this year’s selection for the Freshman Reading Program, relates to sustainability efforts on campus.”

Furthermore, they report that:  “New York Times columnist and best-selling author Thomas Friedman will deliver a public lecture at GW Jan. 21.”

Here is the scary evidence of indoctrination:

“According to Dr. Rulnick, her division has been trying to find its own solutions, from creating a “green alumni network” on LinkedIn to sending copies of Mr. Friedman’s book to 50 high schools that send graduates to GW. The next freshman class may include lots of students who have already read the book, she said.”

As I outlined in a previous post, it should not be the goal of GWU or any other institution of higher learning, to make its students environmental evangels; rather they should present both sides of the issue and let the students draw his/her own conclusions. It is painfully obvious that by accepting Freidman’s book as fact and not having students read or be presented with opposing views that the university is failing in one of its most basic responsibilities: to produce students who have critical thinking skills.

Moreover, GW is apparently taking the indoctrination one step further by having high school students who are interested in attending GW read the book first, so they are already environmental evangelists. This is scary.

Sam K. Theodosopulos is the Editor-at-Large if the GWYAF Blog.


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