A People’s History?

Radical historian Howard Zinn, has long been an enemy of conservatives and many others who are not moved by his version of American History, which discusses the evils of capitalism, the promise of Marxism, and denies American exceptionalism.

From Big Hollywood:

“His controversial 1980-book The People’s History of the United States paints traditional American history as a façade – one that has grotesquely immortalized flawed leaders and is based on principles that victimize the common man. In 2004, Zinn wrote a companion book entitled Voices Of A People’s History Of The United States, which includes speeches and writings from many of the people featured in The People’s History.”

These two books have now become the basis for a new documentary, entitled The People Speak, to be aired December 13th at 8pm on the History Channel. The documentary is a supposed collage of compelling one-person readings, told through the words of “ordinary” people who have struggled throughout American history against oppression.

Early last month GWU’s School of Media and Public Affairs hosted hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco, and producer Chris Moore to discuss this new documentary.

As is the case with the climate change debate, GWU once again fails in its basic responsibility to educate its students on both sides of the issues.  First students are encouraged to read Tom Friedman’s liberal environmentalist book, and now they are about to be indoctrinated with a liberal, and even socialist, skewed interpretation of American history.

Perhaps due to their one-sided perspective of America’s past, Zinn’s history books have largely been limited to colleges and universities, until now. The GWU administration, like most left-wing groups, tries to conceal their left-wing agenda and hold that they are open minded.  However, this semester the administration is having a tough time concealing their left-leaning agenda by promoting the Friedman book, inviting Michelle Obama to commencement, and now adopting a very left-wing interpretation of American History.

How far will GWU go?

Sam K. Theodosopoulos is the Editor-at-Large of the GW YAF Blog.


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