“LGBT Studies” Goes to Far

This past Tuesday evening, January 12th, the Student Life Committee of the SA Senate voted to send two bills (SR-10-01 and SR-10-02) to the floor of the Senate for consideration, respectively advocating a gender-neutral housing program and a minor in LGBT studies.

This is more than ridiculous; it is nothing more than the progressive left attempting to use our University as a platform for forcing its agenda on the student body and in our classrooms. There is absolutely no need for a LGBT or “queer studies” minor or even discipline in the academy. Moreover, the proposal ignores other academic interests (such as naval or military science minors) that would benefit larger communities on campus whose academic needs remain unmet.

My friend and GW YAF Director of Press, Joe Naron, hit the nail on the head; “The new initiative for an “LGBT Studies minor” is nothing more than a means of political indoctrination to the homosexual agenda masquerading as an attempt at intellectual diversity.” GW and other universities around the country have been more than accommodating to gay and lesbian students, however this accommodation does not include a new academic discipline. “All of this is aimed at using colleges across the nation to reject any ideas of tradition and morality in gender and conduct and replace them with a queer narrative of society. Advocates of these bills openly admit that the reason behind these initiatives is not academic exploration of diverse topics, but an attempt at reducing discrimination.” Our university and higher education has no room for this kind of anti-intellectual, agenda driven “academic discipline.” What’s next? In keeping up with equality, should heterosexual students propose a “Straight Studies minor?” No, because it is beyond ridiculous, just as “LGBT Studies,” has no place in higher education.

Sam K. Theodosopoulos is the Editor-at-Large of the GW YAF Blog.


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