Anti-GWYAF Activist Runs for Congress

Monday’s Hatchet reports,“A GW graduate and controversial anti-war advocate is making a bid for a Congressional seat in New Mexico ‘s third district.” The candidate is Adam Kokesh, “a 2008 political management graduate, best known at GW for inciting a campus-wide controversy when he co-authored notorious posters regarding Muslims in 2007.  For those who were not acquainted with GW at the time of this puerile, dishonest, far-left stunt, Kokesh and another senior led a malicious smear campaign against YAF.  They created posters that very negatively and simple-mindedly, depicted Muslims and bore the slogan, “Hate Muslims? So Do We!”  When it was believed that YAF was responsible for the posters, it was called hate speech and executive board members were threatened with expulsion.  When it was discovered that Kokesh and other left-leaning students were responsible for this act, the University softened their stance, called the posters satire and merely gave the students academic probation for postering illegally.  This touched off a national media blitz exposing the liberal bias of George Washington University.

Kokesh was nationally known for his far-left political protests, which include wearing his military uniform to anti-war protests, getting arrested at one of the Senate office buildings, and for childishly and disrespectfully interrupting Senator McCain’s acceptance speech at the 2008 GOP Convention.

Protest arrests and dishonest far-left political tactics do not qualify one (save a few) to serve in Congress. What’s frightening is that Kokesh still believes he was doing right when he attempted to frame YAF for producing racist posters:

“Those posters actually embody the heart of my campaign, to not take things for granted and instead to question everything,” Kokesh said. “The posters were made to reveal the scare tactics of today’s government and media. We can’t let the government scare us. Terrorists are not going to jump out of our television screens.”

Such naivety in terms of foreign policy, his childish view of government, and his record of poor judgment should automatically disillusion anyone, from supporting his candidacy.  Mr. Kokesh has on several occasions demonstrated that he is unfit to serve in government or any elected position.

Sam K. Theodosopolous is the Editor-at-Large of  the GW YAF Blog


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